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Ever since it was founded, the aim of the Ordre des Dames du Vin et de la Table has been to promote French wines, in particular through their association with culinary and table arts, regional products and tourism. In short, through promoting all French quality products.

In 1985, a new kind of Bacchic order was born. Set up by wine and food journalist, Simone Cointat, at the time, it was the only WOMEN’S BACCHIC ORDER. It is made up entirely of women whose professional activities are centred around the knowledge of wine and culinary arts.


The Ordre des Dames du Vin et de la Table organises

  • Tasting days with carefully selected food and wine pairings
  • Two ‘Chapters’ (a gathering of these professional ladies): one in the Spring with a cultural and networking trip that combines an initiation into a wine-growing region in France or abroad; one in the Autumn (Paris) during which new members are invested


The Grand Council is made up entirely of women.

This is a feminine order but not a feminist one as men may also become members and hold the title of Chevalier.

Since 1985, some 500 Ladies have been invested as well as around 40 Chevaliers.


The Order visits many countries: England, Tuscany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Canada and, most recently, China. Personalities have been invested in each of these countries.

The Order has already set up ‘round tables’ and the ‘moments’ that have become rituals provide an opportunity for the Ladies and Chevaliers to get together and discuss diverse themes linked to the world of wine and culinary arts.

To join the Ordre des Dames du Vin et de la Table

A sponsor puts your name forward to the Grand Council. Investment takes place during a Grand Chapter. Every year, the Lady must pay a subscription: for 2017, this will be 140Euros. Once she has proved her loyalty to the Order, she may be able to join the Grand Council.